Amerikansk MRE Ready to Eat Ration

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Product Description:


Bildresultat för made in usaThe (MRE) Meal Ready-To-Eat also called military food, does not require water to be added. They are ready to eat right out of the bag, but taste better when heated first. Packaged in comfortable bags, with the latest food storage technology, gives them a rich taste for years of durability. Perfect for camping, hiking, outdoor adventure or emergency situations. Can be sure to know that you will have nutrition in the event of a hurricane, tornado, snow storm, earthquake, flood or other emergencies.

The durability of ready-to-eat meals varies depending on the temperature in which they are stored.

21º Celcius: 5 years
26º Celcius: 4 years
32º Celcius: 2.5 years
37º Celcius: 1.5 years

Accessories included. (Salt, Pepper, Biscuit, Jelly, Spoon, Napkins)


Note: We will send another right if there is no ordered dish.

Chemical food heater is not included

Average rating 5/5 based on 2 reviews.
2020-05-27 by
Det er nøjagtig som jeg havde forventet. Meget fint.
2020-05-19 by
2020-05-14 by
2019-11-08 by
Har ikke smakt enda, sikkert bra som dejeg har prøvd.
Väldigt god, rekommenderas ;)
2018-11-24 by
2018-09-07 by
Fungerar utmärkt, bra smak, man står sig väl på maten
2018-08-25 by
Godare än vad jag hade trott, står sig en hel dag.
2018-07-06 by
Funkar super bra! ,Blev mätt på 6 timmar .Tå med sig till skogen ,eller när du fiskar , smakar bra faktist !
2018-05-15 by
2018-03-14 by
Smaken, konsistensen helt ok Men hittar inget utgångsdatum
2018-02-27 by
2018-01-26 by
2017-10-09 by
Ok taste
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