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Welcome to a unique store targeted to those who are interested in outdoor activities, military theme, hunting, recreation and sports all under one roof.

Our vision is to offer the highest quality at an affordable price, with good buy for those who do not compromise on quality.
Nordic Army Gross intends to cover the total need clothes for all the quality and price conscious.

Our goal is to offer a variety of exciting, fun and affordable products in the military, army fashion, stewards and outdoor activities - well-known brands as well as odd options. M90 uniform with trousers, jacket and hat are our specialty. We also have a high priority in terms of customer service and customer satisfaction that is at the absolute top class.

We want our customers to experience the brilliant personal service,
good quality and a wide selection at the best price.

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Mon-Fri: 10:00-18:00

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Nordic Army Gross HB

Barkarbyvägen. 61

177 38 Järfälla

e-mail: info@armygross.se

Tel: 08-35 35 80


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