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VAT is included in the price with f.n. 25%. Appears at checkout. The prices are Swedish kroner including VAT and apply until the next collection comes out. We reserve the right to make printing errors or if the authorities raise taxes and fees, or if other circumstances arise that Nordic Army Gross cannot influence. The lowest order value is 149 SEK. For exports within the EU and outside the EU, see Exports below.

Payment options

Age limit

To shop in our online store, you must be 18 years or older. If you are younger than that, guardian permission is required.

In our range, we have products that you must be 18 years old to be able to shop. These products are well marked both in our online store and in our catalog. When you buy these products, you must prove your age by written fax or mail order stating your social security number, telephone number, and signature. When you buy 18-year-old products in one of our stores, you must present a valid ID document.

- Card payment

You pay with Visa or Mastercard via Certitrade / Euroline 100% secure. All information is encrypted with SSL - 128 bit. The money is reserved in your account and is usually deducted within 24 hours of your ordering. All transactions are performed under the new 3D-Secure security standard.

- Paypal

With Paypal, you can pay by credit card or online banking via a payment link displayed after the order has been placed. More information about Payson is available at www.paypal.se.

- Klarna Christmas campaign: Christmas shopping now, pay in February.

Now you can make Christmas purchases in peace and calm and pay only at the end of February! With the Christmas campaign, you shop during the months of November, December, and January and do not pay until the end of February with 0% interest.

An establishment fee of 29 SEK / purchase will be added.

Effective interest on purchases of 5000 SEK, 29 SEK in establishment fee, 0% interest and payment after 4 months is 1.75%. Your total cost will be SEK 5029. Your application will give rise to a regular credit check, which may mean that Klarna receives a credit report. In such cases, you will receive a copy of the credit information sent to you.

If you have further questions or concerns, you are welcome to call Klarna on 08-120 120 10 weekdays between 08.30 - 20.00 and on weekends 10.00 - 17.00.

Link to Klarna's general terms and conditions.

Link to standardized European consumer credit information.

Invoice / Svea Economy

Payment terms 14 days. In the event of late payment, a reminder fee is currently paid for the amount permitted by law. SEK 50 and default interest with 24% + current reference interest rate. The usual credit check without a copy of knowledge takes place and delivery takes place only to a registered address. For more info www.sveaekonomi.se

Invoice / Clear

Payment terms 14 days. In the event of late payment, a reminder fee is currently paid for the amount permitted by law. SEK 50 and default interest with 24% + current reference interest rate. The usual credit check without a copy of knowledge takes place and delivery takes place only to a registered address.

Partial payment (Klarna Account)

Pay from SEK 50 / month or 1/24 of the total amount. Shop now - pay at the end of next month. All your purchases are collected in one account and on one invoice. An avia fee of 29 SEK, regardless of the number of purchases. You can pay the full amount at any time. 0 SEK in setup fee. For the Klarna account, the annual interest rate of 19.5% and the effective interest rate from 26.99% for purchases of SEK 10,000 applies. In other words, the average interest cost per month, if you buy something for SEK 1,000, is approximately 16, 5 SEC. General conditions can be found here.

Partial payment / remove promotions

Valid for purchases over 1000 SEK. Setup cost and interest depend on the number of months you choose to split the payment. General conditions can be found here.

Delivery time

We have fast deliveries usually 2-5 working days (sometimes some orders can take up to 20 days). In high season it can take a little longer. We notify when the item is temporarily sold out or stocked from our warehouse and indicate a new delivery time.

Delivery method

We send orders with DHL service point and Postnord depending on how our routines look on the day we send your order.

We do not take financial responsibility for delays depending on the shipping company.


We also send packages with UPS outside Sweden's borders within the EU and to Norway and current border and customs fees and VAT rules (which are paid in arrears by you as a consumer). NOTE! Orders outside the EU are always sent VAT-free, which is later regulated by the customs service with incl. Customs and this VAT are usually regulated afterward when the goods are received. Shipping costs 119 SEK gross. We place the shipping on your or

when we process it. Payment is made in advance. You can expect the delivery time to be somewhat longer. If you have questions, you can send an e-mail to info@armygross.se or call 08-35 35 80, and we can help you.


The shipping cost for an order is charged according to the actual weight, this is done automatically in the online store and the shipping cost is reported at checkout. Pricing is based on the postal service's / DHL postage table for letters and parcels.

Complaints and right of return

There is always a guarantee on the products you buy (1 year). If you can prove that there is a manufacturing defect in the product, you will always receive new parts, but the warranty does not apply in the event of wear. You pay the return shipping yourself. As a customer, you have the right to cancel the purchase within 20 days after you have received the product and without special reason. This applies to purchases in our online store. You pay for the return shipping yourself, but when you change you are responsible for the shipping on one side. We are responsible for the shipping when we send it to you when you exchange the item.

Return outside the EU (Norway, Switzerland, USA, etc.)

To send returns from outside the EU, we recommend that you contact us for possible return shipping. It costs about 120 SEK from Norway and 250 SEK from the USA.

If you want to send your return on your own from outside the EU, you must send as (DDP) Delivered fee paid. If you want to use Norwegien Postal as transport for your return, we recommend that you fill in the Customs Declaration (CN22) and write that this is a return and state the UPS tracking No in the declaration. (First UPS tracking No) so that customs understand that it is a return. You will find the UPS tracking No in your email. We do not accept returns if it is sent to us in any other way. We are not obliged to pay customs duties and VAT on returns.

1. Write the reason for the return on a piece of paper (canceled purchase, change to another size, does not meet expectations, etc.)

2. Find the cheapest way to return your item, usually, the letter/package is the cheapest way to return, otherwise find the most suitable / cheapest that is in your area.

3. Pay to return shipping on-site when you return. If you want to exchange, we are responsible for the shipment when we send the item back to you.

4. For repayment - enter postal giro, bank giro, personal account, or bank account number.

5. In case of damage to the packaging, SEK 50 is paid. Damaged or used goods are not returned.

Damage to packages and uncollected packages

If you discover damage to the package, you must immediately report this to the post office or other carrier and report the damage. Do not pick up a damaged package! If you do not discover the damage until you have opened the package and the damage is of such a nature that it can be attributed to handling the post office or the transport company, you must contact them and make a damage report. If a dispute with the post office or the transport company can not be resolved, you can contact us.

Please note, however, that we do not have time to respond to all e-mails, but in the first instance, we take into account the customer's wishes that you as a customer stated in return. Therefore, it is very important for us and for you as a customer that you write as precisely as possible on a note, or on the order form, what size and color you want your item to be exchanged for.

Not assembled item

For all packages that are not picked up, Nordic Army Gross requires the customer a fee of SEK 250. The fee corresponds to the actual costs for return shipping, handling fee, and handling, combined. The payment terms are 14 days. In the event of late payment, a reminder fee is paid (the amount permitted by law currently SEK 50) as well as default interest and possibly collection costs. If you have regretted when the package was sent from us, you must pick up the package at your place of delivery and send it back to us. If the package is not picked up, it is automatically registered as not picked up and then charged.

We follow the General Complaints Board's recommendations.

The Personal Data Act

Your personal data is handled in accordance with current provisions in the Personal Data Act (GDPR).


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