Criminal Identifier Spray

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Product Description:

Best option for pepper spray and tear gas. Our most popular standard defense defense spray with a powerful beam that color and disorient the attacker. Fick size that releases a red jelly that is impossible to remove from skin or clothing for about a week. Easier to identify the person.

Easy to use in self-defense and good in hand with a thumb grip or index finger grip. Customized nozzle makes it easy and safe to use the product to spray in the right direction.


2019-09-26 by
Supersnabb leverans bra saker
2019-01-15 by
2018-07-07 by
2018-07-06 by
2018-03-01 by
Ger den högsta betyg! Och likaså till ArmyGross. Mycket bra ha att göra med! Jag återkommer som kund.
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