Criminal Identifier Spray

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Product Description:

TIW 40ML DEFENSE SPRAY - A very popular and license-free defense spray, one of our top sellers and popular product with our customers.

The strength of TIW!
The strength of TIW Criminal identifier lies in its user-friendly design and this powerful beam reaching up to 4 meters!

Effects on an attacker with TIW:

-Shock effect: TIW's powerful beam becomes like a "slap" on the face, the attacker is effectively put out of play.

-Colors & Blinds: TIW covers an attacker with a red sticky foam that colors bright red and blinds in the eyes. The color attaches extra well to the skin and is very difficult to remove.

The power of TIW protects the user when it blows
Sweden is a windy country, with defense spray with less pressure than TIW Criminal identifies, you run the risk of getting your own defense spray in the eyes of yourself when it blows heavily. However, this will not happen with TIW, with 35kg pressure in spray power at TIW you know that the attacker always hits instead of yourself regardless of blown!

Legal Defense Spray - TIW!
TIW Criminal identifies defense spray is a license-free self-defense spray that is legal to use in an emergency defense situation, in contrast to pepper spray and tear gas spray which is illegal in Sweden.

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Ej testad än
2020-12-02 by
Har inte behöva andvänt än så får se när det behövs
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Inte behövt använda
2019-09-26 by
Supersnabb leverans bra saker
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2018-03-01 by
Ger den högsta betyg! Och likaså till ArmyGross. Mycket bra ha att göra med! Jag återkommer som kund.
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